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Where Is the Love?


We welcomed many newcomers to our February meeting. Instead of only one charity, our youth board showcased two organizations that benefit women.
The first, Embrace Grace, is a support group for single women with unplanned pregnancies with the mission to walk alongside them lending practical, emotional and spiritual support.
The second, The Homeless Period Project, is an organization that seeks to restore dignity to women who can not afford hygiene products by providing period packs to them.
The youth board did a fantastic job on both presentations and the votes were close!
In the end, Embrace Grace won the day, and $2,100 was donated to the local chapter of that organization.
Part of our goal is to raise awareness about women’s issues, so though the Homeless Period Project did not “win the vote”, we learned the importance of donating menstrual hygiene products to shelters and food pantries. In fact, one of our members reached out to her breast cancer support group to encourage them to donate the period products they cannot use and for a great response.

Raise funds. Raise awareness. That’s our mission at Women for Women!

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