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What’s a YB and what do they do?

What’s a YB and what do they do?


Meet our YB (Youth Board) – from bottom left clockwise: Emma, Stephanie, Lauren, Katherine and Eva (Emily not pictured here)

One of the things that makes Women for Women really special is our Youth Board. These young women, ranging in ages 11 to 22, are a vital part of this organization.
At our quarterly board meetings, they share charities that they are passionate about and then each one gets a vote on which ones we present. The top two organizations are selected.
The girls then form two teams, and each team researches and prepares to present the organization they were assigned.
When our members gather at our quarterly meetings, these poised and passionate young women explain what the charity does to help women, why it’s important, and how we can help.
We love seeing these young women use their talents to advocate for women around the world.

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  1. L Marlow September 8, 2020

    It’s great to see these young women with such passionate hearts involved in this organization. Training up advocates and women who act – that’s an amazing thing to see!


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