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Shopping with a Cause

Shopping with a Cause


Thank you to all who joined us for our We See Color Noonday party benefiting Be the Bridge. This event combined our value to support our sisters around the globe economically as well as providing a place to discuss racial issues and how we can be a part of the solution. 

Our amazing ambassador Logan told us the stories behind each piece of jewelry. 

The story of the Petals necklace, pictured here, comes from Ethiopia. This piece is handcrafted from upcycled bullet casings, which are all too readily available there because of ethnic violence. The artisans who created this beautiful necklace are women who are HIV+. Because they are shunned, they cannot find dignified work. Noonday has partnered with these talented women to turn what is their hardest circumstance into a profitable and respectable trade. Now these beautiful artists have the resources they need to receive medical care. 

** This is the power of ethically sourced and fair trade purchases! **

We finished off our night with an honest discussion about seeing and celebrating color and how we can be bridge builders in our families and communities. 

Let’s walk in mindfulness about these issues – our choices have a great impact!

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