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Send Love Outreach

Send Love Outreach


When we first discussed this fundraiser, we were hoping we’d collect a few dozen unwanted holiday gifts to distribute at one local shelter. We put the call out to our membership, and they responded with incredible generosity –  we collected over 300 really quality items and the money to round out each basket. We purchased shower caddies, washcloths, towels, hygiene supplies and other miscellaneous items. Combining that with the generous donations, each shower caddy contained a washcloth and towel, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and/or soap, lotion, toothpaste, a “luxury” item (nicer lotion, bath salts, a face mask), an item of jewelry and two novelty items (cosmetic case, small purse, hair accessory, notebook, photo frame, a covid face mask), a note of encouragement, and a lot of chocolate!  When we counted everything out, we were able to bless every woman living in two local safe houses.

Our youth board assisted our executive board in dropping off the baskets at the shelters right in time for Valentine’s Day. This Send Love outreach had the goal of delivering a tangible reminder to women in really hard circumstances that she is seen and loved.

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  1. Jennifer Thompson February 22, 2021

    What a blessing it is to know that women who are working to move forward in their lives, who may feel unseen, unloved or disconnected were treated to something special to remind them of their value, beauty and worth! I’m so thankful for our very generous community of members that made this possible.


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